Central Ohio Modern Quilt Bee – mid-year reminders!

Central Ohio MQG.pngHi everyone!

As we near the middle of the year on our very first Guild Quilt Bee, I wanted to touch base and give a few reminders about quilt bee etiquette and rules.

  1. Choosing the right block for you, and for your worker bees
    1. You should love the blocks you get, but you should also be considerate of your guild members. Some things to consider:
      1. How much fabric does your block require?
      2. How much time does your block require?
  • Does your block require intermediate/advanced skills, like Foundation Paper Piecing? You should ask around to ensure that everyone in the bee is comfortable with these skills, so that everyone has a good time.
  1. Testing your own block beforehand can help iron out these issues.
  1. Find a free block by using online resources!

  1. Be specific about what you want, so that your worker bees know what kind of fabric to use! An inspiration mosaic and a sample block can go a long way!
  1. Provide your block/pattern/instructions/any required fabric at the meeting before your bee month: so if your month is June, please bring your materials to the May meeting!
  1. Worker bees should take extreme care to use 100% cotton quilt shop quality fabric, and to select fabrics that your queen bee would enjoy.
  1. Worker bees should always post a fabric pull or any questions to Instagram/email if they are unsure about what the queen would enjoy!
  1. Do your best to turn your block in at the meeting when it’s due. You could also arrange to meet up with or mail your block to your queen if you cannot make the meeting!

Always feel free to ask questions! Communication is key to a successful bee. Our original bee megapost, with full etiquette and block suggestions, is here:

3 thoughts on “Central Ohio Modern Quilt Bee – mid-year reminders!

  1. This is timely for me today… I’m creating the block for this month’s Bee… I have some photos, how do I post them?


    1. I’ll snag the info off of your facebook post and put them here! between them being on FB and here, they’ll be easily accessible to all. Thanks a bunch for providing all the pics and instructions!



      1. Take a look at the instructions. If there’s something about them that seems unfinished, let me know. I find it easy to look at the photo and go, but I think some people might want more words… and I can DO words… I used to joke that my clients paid me by the word… but I know lots of people do better without quite as many words. I’ve not drafted patterns before so I don’t know what the sweet spot is between too much and not enough. Let me know what you think!


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