April Meeting Minutes

[Next meeting] May 10th Cassandra: State fair guest and talking category for fair Pantone online challenge… bryanhousequilts.com nohatsinthehouse.com Nadia: Anne Marie Cheney booked for August 9 and 18 free for lecture Retreat September 28 link will be on website and spots available Joann’s project collection Kayla: Nothing Angi: $2,530.58 Final dues reminder Kate: Website info… Continue reading April Meeting Minutes


Pantone 2018 Color Challenge Announcement

Hey everyone! Bryan House Quilts is hosting a 2018 Pantone Quilt Challenge: Ultra Violet contest. Seeing as we just wrapped up our own color challenge, it’s likely you’ve something to enter, and you should – because you never know what will win, aaaand the prizes are fantastic!!! Take a look here for all the details.… Continue reading Pantone 2018 Color Challenge Announcement