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May 2018 Meeting Minutes

Cassandra opened the meeting with introductions: Attendees shared their name, Instagram handle, and a favorite sewing area organizational tip. A majority vote passed and so the Guild will participate in the 2019 QuiltCon Charity Quilt. Due in January ’19. Andrea volunteered to lead the project. Everyone to start thinking of design entries. Committee(s) to form later. Cassandra… Continue reading May 2018 Meeting Minutes


April Meeting Minutes

[Next meeting] May 10th Cassandra: State fair guest and talking category for fair Pantone online challenge… Nadia: Anne Marie Cheney booked for August 9 and 18 free for lecture Retreat September 28 link will be on website and spots available Joann’s project collection Kayla: Nothing Angi: $2,530.58 Final dues reminder Kate: Website info… Continue reading April Meeting Minutes