Color Challenge



Patty is leading us in a two-color challenge this year. Create your own stunning piece using two colors of your choosing. Patty provided a pattern but welcomes each to choose their own. Declare participation at the May 2021 Zoom meeting, and get fabrics and patterns together to share at the June 2021 meeting. Periodic check-ins and drawings over the summer, with a projected finish date of the October Guild meeting. UPDATE: Congrats to Susan who, at our July meeting, won a $25 gift card to Quilt Beginnings!

2019 COLORS OF THE YEAR CHALLENGE includes both Pantone Color of the Year, Living Coral, and Kona Cotton Color of the year, Splash.

Create a 12.5″ square block featuring a star pattern of your choosing (12.5″ is the unfinished/raw edge measurement). Incorporate both colors in a prominent way, with a low volume background. To enter the challenge raffle and voting, blocks are due at the March 14, 2019 Guild meeting.

The fabrics provided for this challenge at the January 10 Guild meeting are Kona Cotton Splash, and RJR Cotton Supreme Solid Coral.

Raffle winner(s) gets the blocks!

Each block equals one chance to win the raffle. Create more blocks for more chances to win. If enough blocks are turned in, we may pull more than one raffle winner. Contact Randa or Cynthia with questions!

2018 COLOR OF THE YEAR CHALLENGE included BOTH the Pantone Color of the Year, Ultra Violet, and the Kona Color of the Year, Tiger Lily.