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Introducing Jodi Murray! She has been with the guild since it’s inception. We asked Jodi to share a bit about herself, so check it out, below. Also take a look at our Instagram account throughout the next few days as we share some of Jodi’s makes!

What kind of crafting do you enjoy?
This is a tough one to answer! Over the years, I have enjoyed so many different crafts:  jewelry making, greeting card design, painting, making clothing and so much more. These days I appreciate learning one thing at time and getting GOOD at that one thing. So, while my love for quilting will never fade, I’ve recently been concentrating on embroidery. It’s been very therapeutic throughout our Midwest winter and I’m super happy with the results.

How would people find your makes online?

I use Instagram for sharing projects: @barefoot_stitcher

Jodi's boys

Are there other creative things you are or have been involved in (fine art, dance, music…)?

If volunteering for my boys’ creative projects count, then YES. My older son is a gifted trumpet player and singer who plays in a couple jazz bands and occasionally performs in school musicals. My young son has just started doing drama this year. I love being a stage mom and most of all, the loudest clapper in the audience. I’m very proud of them!

Anything in the way of big projects or awards in your creative history that you’re particularly proud of? or looking forward to?

While I love to admire the award-winning work of others, I really create things for the pure joy in the process. I’m not good at sticking with rules and deadlines. I recently attended the Quilt National show at the Riffe Gallery downtown. It was so inspiring to see all of the creativity in one room.  I recommend stopping by that show if you’re in the Columbus area.

How long have you been with COMQG?

I’ve been a member since the start of COMQG – so going on 3 years. While sometimes I cannot be super active in the guild due to a busy family life, I always look forward to connecting with my sewing sisters!  They inspire me each month. Thanks to one of our members, I felt brave enough to start free-motion quilting. So thankful to be around this caring, creative group.

Are you involved in other guilds or craft groups?

One of the joys of my life is when I get to meet up with a small sewing group in my neighborhood. We make each other a comforting dinner, share some wine, talk shop, have show & tell and get some hand-stitching done.

Is there anything else you’d to share?

I wanted to share that I’m so grateful that my mom taught me how to sew at young age. While I throughout my life I would go long stretches of time without making anything, today I stitch a little each day or at least cut some fabric. It helps me stay relaxed, centered and excited for that NEXT project. This photo is of my very first sewing project – a little felt cat coin purse. I remember cutting it out and sewing the sides and buttons. Thank you, Mom, for all your patience and love.

posted 2/26/2018


Introducing Erin Gillogly. She has been with the guild since it’s inception. We asked Erin to share about herself this week as it is her birthday week! Stay tuned as we share Erin’s makes in our Instagram account throughout the next few days!

What kind of crafting do you enjoy?

I love to make things and have since I was a kid. Presently, I knit, quilt, and sew household items and some garments. I’ve also picked cross-stitch back up, have some embroidery on deck to work on, and at some point, need to pick crochet up again. I’ve also spun yarn but that craft is on a temporary hiatus until my kids are a little bit older. And I am desperately trying not to learn how to weave. But it’s so pretty. @purlverde on Instagram will be the reason for my downfall if I do pick up weaving. Her makes are gorgeous.

Do you have a blog/website/anything people should check out online?

I do have a blog, it hasn’t been updated in a while but I have delusions of getting it going again:

Are there other creative things you are or have been involved in (fine art, dance, music…)?

When I was in middle and high school I did theatre. In fact, our high school production of “Quilters” is where I learned about “life quilts” and I’ve always wanted to make one. Speaking of which, I’ve probably hit enough milestones in my life to get started designing one. Maybe I’ll add that to the 2019 to do list.

I wasn’t onstage much in high school, mostly behind the scenes doing tech. I’m still proud of the set design I did for “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown”. There were also many years of church choir and piano lessons.

Anything in the way of big projects or awards in your creative history that you’re particularly proud of? or looking forward to?

I’ve designed a quilt for myself based on the Modern Traditional Charity quilt challenge put forth by The Modern Quilt guild. I have all the fabric and a layout, all I am missing is the math for piecing each block. I’m really looking forward to seeing this project sewn up.

My other big project for this year is to tackle all my WIPs, although this is really a perennial project for me. I’ve been tidying my craft room and uploading fabric combos to my project queue on Textillia so that I can see everything I have planned out. There is plenty to keep me busy for a good while.

Alas, no quilting awards for me yet. I am hoping to submit a quilt for judging in the next year or two.

How long have you been with COMQG?

I’ve been with COMQG since the beginning! The Guild arrived in my life at just the right moment. My local knitting group wasn’t meeting much anymore and I was eager to get out and talk with other crafters. It’s been exciting to watch us grow and I’ve been really happy to find another group of crafty friends!

Are you involved in other guilds or craft groups?

I’m part of a local knitting group, the Clintonville Knit Gang, but the name is a bit of a misnomer now since only one of the members still lives in Clintonville. 😊 We don’t meet weekly anymore, but we do get together periodically, and we’ve mixed in board gaming with our knitting and quilting.

My knitting journey started with my paternal grandmother wisely telling me to find a hobby so I would be less lonely when I first moved to DC after college. She was right. Knitting is how I found friends when I was working from home in a sleepy Dayton, Ohio suburb, and then Ravelry which opened me up to so many more of my friends.

Once my husband and I moved back to the Columbus area, a family friend got several of us ladies together to make t-shirt quilts. And lo, my entry to the quilting world was really born. I also stopped sewing for a bit because I learned all the “rules of sewing” that I’d never learned as a kid. It really intimidated me, especially having to square up fabric. Until the night I found Jenny Doan’s videos on YouTube – she assured me the quilting police wouldn’t come knock down my door if everything wasn’t perfect and I started quilting up a storm after that. 😊

You can find me on Instagram and Twitter as LittleWitKnits. Mostly, I post pictures of my crafts and my family. If you want details on my projects you can find me on Ravelry and Textillia as LittleWit.

Here is a photo Erin sent us, her and her husband engaged in their respective hobbies on their wedding day. What a great photograph! We’ll share more throughout the week on our Instagram. Hope you have a great birthday, Erin!

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posted 2/8/2018