The Central Ohio Modern Quilt Guild was founded in 2015 in Columbus, Ohio. We are an inclusive group of quilters with the mission to reach out to the community through charitable giving projects and modern quilt education. Our guild meets on the second Thursday of every month to discuss quilt trends and news, and to share our projects with each other.

Our next meeting is Thursday, November 14th at 6:30PM, at a location to be determined. Please check back for updates. Note: most of the Guild will be on a retreat this day.

The following meeting will be on Thursday December 12th, 6:30PM, at Sew to Speak fabric and yarn shop in Worthington, Ohio. Check out the calendar for more details and events.

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New Faces! Please do drop in — we can’t wait to meet you. All you need to do is show up. Perhaps bring an item for show and tell (maybe a finished item, or maybe a work in progress) but you don’t have to. Remember, we were all new once, too, and we continued to show up because meeting with a group to discuss quilting is really awesome! and, p.s. Your attendance at the first couple meetings is free.

Meet your 2019 Executive Board Members

Ashley Davis, President
Nadia Barksdale, Vice President
Christine Griswold, Treasurer
Barb Kelly, Secretary
Lissa LaGreca, Charity Chair
Mara Light and Kelsey Danley, Fundraising Co-Chairs
Randa Johnson & Cynthia Hayes, Social/Membership Co-Chairs
Kate Schwartz, Social Media/Technology Chair

Reach out if you have any questions!

Click here to purchase 2019 Fundraiser Raffle Tickets!

2018 Ohio State Fair entry, see below
1st place winner, Class: Group Quilt

fundraisng quilt 2

2017 Ohio State Fair entry, see below
2nd place winner, Class: Lap Quilt


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