Officer Role Descriptions

Officer Expectations: 

● Attend most monthly guild meetings, sew days, and guild programs. 

● Attend guild board meetings 

● Actively participates in leadership and decisions about annual planning, programs, events, challenges, budgeting, and membership. 

● Assists in recruiting new members to the guild 


● Arranges for, schedules and facilitates general meetings, sew-ins, and board meetings. 

● Assists coordinates and approves the planning of monthly meetings and sew-ins

● Prepares and posts the Agenda for monthly guild meetings and board meetings. 

● Maintains (or delegates maintenance of) all social media such as the guild’s blog, Flickr, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. 

● Takes suggestions from all members under advisement, and works with individuals as needed. 

● The President’s primary functions oversee the smooth running of the entire guild and make sure The Guild’s mission and purpose are followed. 

● The President must feel comfortable speaking in front of a large group of people. 

● Organization skills are essential, and follow-through is a must. 


● Perform the duties of the President if needed, including running the monthly meeting. 

● Plans and prepares recommendations for Board approval for regular meeting programs and demos. Actively recruits member and guest speakers for meeting demos and presentations on topics of interest, especially as they relate to modern quilting style and techniques. 

● Actively recruits member or guest speakers and teachers for special Guild programs and workshops focusing on modern quilting. 

● Provides program and event details to social media chair & secretary, so information is shared through email, blog posts, Facebook, and other social media formats. 

● Actively works on future months’ programs, events & projects. 

● Charity QuiltCon Quilt entry chairman will report to VP. If there is no one in the guild to serve as chairman, VP will serve as chairman. 


● Takes notes at monthly guild & board meetings 

● Serves as back up to social media chair on maintaining The Guild’s social media accounts

● Corresponds as necessary with organizations who have dealings with The Guild 

● Maintains documentation of sign-in sheets, Agendas, minutes, etc. 

● Back-up to the social media chair to take photography during meetings, sew days, charity events & programming. 

● Coordinates & leads the guild monthly quilt bee (if one is organized) 


● Maintains The Guild’s bank account, including preparing reports for monthly meetings and board meetings. 

● Prepares budget for The Board’s approval 

● Pays any bills that may incur, including reimbursements to members. 

● Handles membership dues collection throughout the year 

● Maintains membership records including new membership forms, spreadsheet/database of updated members, and membership directory

● Provides brief summary of financial and membership information monthly

● Files all required official paperwork and tax returns on time 


● Coordinates annual charity project(s) and promotes philanthropy for The Guild. 

● Provides encouragement and instruction to members to fulfill charity projects. 

● Provides social media chair & secretary details of events to keep members aware of charity projects. 


● Responsible for the maintenance of guild Facebook, Instagram & Twitter accounts 

● Posts monthly minutes to The Guild’s blog, including announcements, guild business, presentations, show and tell, etc. 

● Takes pictures at meetings, sew-ins, or other guild events 

● Coordinates with other officers to make communicate events & other announcements to the guild 

● Assists with recruiting new members to the guild 


● Responsible for coordinating social activities: 2-3 events outside of guild meeting & at least one general sew-in day 

● Provide a welcoming presence at guild meetings for new members or visitors 

● Create & lead a plan for membership acquisition activities 

● Assist the president with games and ice breakers for monthly meetings. Includes ideas, creating & execution of games/ice breakers 


● Oversees all fundraising activities for the guild 

● Work with the board to create a fundraising goal for the year then lead the coordination of events to achieve goals. 

● Events could be several smaller events or one large event. 

● May also need to chair a subcommittee if a large scale event is planned