Your New Football Quilt?

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The Central Ohio Modern Quilt Guild is excited to be over halfway through its first fundraising effort – a quilt raffle! Think this quilt would be great to cuddle up under this football season? Get your chance to win the quilt here.

All of the cozy stitching and handmade love will certainly keep you warm!


The color scheme would look great with any team’s colors – pee wee through pro. Wouldn’t you love to keep warm under this quilt during those cold fall football games and other outdoor activities? Or even just to stay warm cuddled up under the quilt as the cool weather arrives and winter nips at your heels?

Detail 3

Get your chance to keep warm under this quilt here.

Want to read more about the quilt and see additional pics? Check out these blog [link] [link] [link] [link], Instagram [link], and Facebook [link] posts.

Want the quilt to make a cameo appearance to your group this fall? Contact us at with event details.

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