June 2019 Meeting Minutes

We’re thinking ahead to 2020 and who we’d like to have come to speak at a program similar to this year’s with Libs Elliott. Keep an eye out for a survey.

Retreat – if you are going to the retreat in November, or are on the waiting list, you’ll receive an email from Randa very shortly

Fund Raising – our quilt is ready to be long armed. It’ll be entered in the State fair. This year tickets will be $5 each or 5/$20. Drawing will be November 22.

Charity – Lissa will deliver placemats to Meals on Wheels this month. There are kits available for anyone interested. Thanks to everyone who has completed placemats for this important organization.

Social/Membership – A picnic is being planned for some time in July; members and families are welcome. Location and date are still to be determined. Also planning another happy hour for everyone to hang out, sew, and chat.

State Fair – Volunteers will receive entrance and parking passes. Volunteers needed for:
– Judging Day to assist with laying out the quilts for judging and documenting comments. Names are due to the Fair coordinators on Monday June 17 so if you’re interested, let Cassandra know right away.
– Set Up on Tuesday July 16 and Wednesday July 17. Last year there were 4 volunteers and it took 3-4 hours.
– Demos on August 4 at noon. Looking for anyone who would like to attend while working on a project of their choosing. Need to be able to answer questions and talk with Fair goers about what you’re doing.
– Take down is also on August 4. If you entered any quilts in the Fair, you will be able to take them home that day if you volunteer for take down.

2018 Charity Quilt – Thanks to Kate and Andrea for working with Junior League to donate our 2018 Quilt Con Charity Quilt for auction. Proceeds will support the Kelton House Museum.

Quintessential Quilters have a show next weekend, June 21 and 22, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Hondros College of Business, 4140 Executive Parkway in Westerville. Tickets are $5.

Cynthia and Randa led the group in a lively version of Quilt Olympics to round out the meeting.

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