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February Meeting Minutes


Meeting Minutes : Feb 9: 6:30 at Northern Lights library

President’s report:

Logo: Cassandra has offered to allow us to use the Row by row design she made for Dabble & stitch with an additional Ohio star.   We are going to use this logo go forward.

Call for Committee to help with Bi-law. Andrea will reach out to members in the next week to discuss/plan. Anyone else who wants to join let Andrea know ASAP. Would like to have new bi-laws voted on by May meeting.

2017 Calendar distributed & attached. Key highlights:

  • Will be making a quilt to raffle to fund the guild. Nicole is running a committee to run this project. See more details in VP update.
  • Working to schedule a workshop with an instructor that Heather has a personal relationship with. It’s a woman who is teaching at quilt con.  Plan is to have workshop in the fall. TBD on more info
  • Guild meeting dates are set in stone but locations will vary so please check emails, Facebook, Instagram or the blog for meeting locations
  • Social events & other things we will attempt to keep on the same dates  but they may move as we finalize plans
  • Fall only has meeting on it because we are waiting to finalize raffle quilt & workshop plans

VP report (Nicole):

Fundraising Project for 2017:  Quilt raffle.

  • Cheri has agreed to take an Ohio quilt that she did last year. She will finalize the pattern in the next few months & then we will use to make the quilt.
  • We have a sew in planned on May 20th to complete the piecing of the quilt
  • Possibly will try to sell raffle tickets at Old Worthington Market Day in Sept.
  • Nicole needs volunteers for committee members to help with the planning for the raffle quilt.  The committee has two main things to work on help organize sew-in & distribution of blocks for quilt then create plan for selling raffle tickets.  Time commitment is minimal just be one kick off meeting then a few additional check-ins.


  • Dues for 2017 are $35.
  • You can pay by  Paypal if so  please use “pay friend” option so we don’t pay the PayPal commission that a retail organization would pay send to
  • Check- email centralohiomqg at gmail for Cristin’s address if you are interested in paying by check
  • Anyone who dues paid by March meeting  will be entered into a raffle to win a prize!
  • You can attend up to 3 meetings without committing to paying dues.


  • Check out blog where meeting minutes & reminders & bee blocks will be posted.
  • Private Facebook group to communicate within the guild is available now. Here is the link to join:
  • If there’s anything we want about social media, please let Nadia know!
  • Tag the guild in things you make so we can share on social media!

Social :

  • Heather has set up a sew-in on March 11 Saturday. Room for 12 people & sign-up genius is available for that.  Tell Heather if you didn’t get the e-mail with the link for the signup
  • April 25 will do a crafty social
  • Anyone interested in hosting other Socials we’ll be happy to accommodate that
  • In March – Will have a “quilting feud” game. If you haven’t done the survey let Heather know & she will send to you.


  • Cassandra contacted Star House. it turns out they get tons of donations of homemade items from other groups & so they’re not interested in more.
  • New Charity:  “Days for Girls”

o   Website:

o   The charity provides sanitary hygiene products for girls in countries where there is not much access to menstrual cycle products.  Providing them with products to help solve this gives them back days, significantly, school/work days, as the girls would otherwise isolate themselves at that time of the month.

o   Days for Girls distributes kits to young women that contain: a drag string bag washable/reusable pads, a lining that the pads will slip into in their underwear, soap,  2 pairs of store bought underwear & Ziploc bags.  The kits are relatively easy to make, have an inexpensive supply list.

o   The recipients of the kits bright colors and happy things, but nothing with faces, due to various cultural issues where faces would offend some potential users.

o   March 25 at the Dublin Libary for a sew-in to make to make pads & drawstring bag

o    The supplies for the waterproofing portion of the product will be purchased by the guild from our treasury.

o    We hope to provide one kit per COMQG member  (roughly 30)

o   We only have one official sew in planned, but this will be an on going project & we will continually collect items for the kits/

NEW business:

  • Question about how are assignments to demos taking place?  Next 2 are set.  We are seeking volunteers for other demonstrations.  Andrea will contact those who volunteered to discuss scheduling.
  • Riley Blake Challenge packets given to those who signed up. If you didn’t get yours but you signed up contact Cristin – she has them.


Pink/heart raffle… pink/red/heart blocks were collected , almost 30 where collected!  Kayla won!


  • Blocks collected- 7 turned in
  • March Queen – Betsy. She distributed fabric kits.The instructions are online and in the kit

House blocks for Montreal MQG 12 collected. If you still have one please get to Cassandra before she leaves for quilt con .

Next guild meeting 3/9 at Old Worthington library.  Raffle will be held with every due paying member having one chance to win the raffle.

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