2017 Modern Quilt Bee – September

Our Queen Bee for September 2017 is Sherry! (IG: @feelnit30) Please complete her block as soon as possible and have it ready at the September 2017 meeting.

Need a Quilt Bee refresher? Start with the 2017 Modern Quilt Bee Megapost.

Instagram: @feelnit30



Block Info from Sherry:

Name/ Link to block tutorial

Raspberry Kiss block

Color selection 

Any bright color in the rainbow.  No pastels, dark colors, or batiks for the center “X” squares please. The background squares should be 1 low volume fabric and the corners should be a 2nd different low volume fabric.

Please name some designers or line of fabrics you like that will help us pick the right fabric for your block.

No preference – anything in your stash will do

Will you be providing fabric? 


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