2018 Placemat Challenge

Welcome to our sewing challenge for Meals on Wheels.  Our charity chair Lissa has designed this challenge to add some fun to our modern placemat making efforts. Read her message below, and be sure to contact her if you have any questions. She writes:

For this challenge I have set out a trove of traditional quilt blocks. Please choose one, or if you really want to be challenged, have a friend choose one, and then create a placemat using the block as a starting point and interpret it as you desire.

Questions you may have:

1.  Do I just make the block?

No. I mean, you can if you want.  But you can translate this however your heart desires.  You can deconstruct the block, play with scale, use it as your quilting motif, or any other way you can think of. Of course, you can just use the block as well. Whatever floats your boat.

2. But the block is just an outline drawing, how do I figure out how to make it?

I only included the outline because it is up to you figure it out. On all the papers I have written all the possible names I could find for that block so you can Google away and see what’s out there in internet land to help. I suggest adding, ‘quilt block’ to the end of your search. If you just type in, for example, “robbing Peter to pay Paul” I can guarantee you won’t find the quilt block instructions at the top of the list.

3. What size should I make it?

No smaller than 10 x 24 inches and no larger than 14 x 20 inches. But, honestly, no one is measuring so if you are slightly smaller or larger, you will be the only one who knows.

4. I didn’t make it to the meeting, how can I get a block?

You can contact me via the email for the guild, Or you can pick any traditional type quilt block you would like.

5. More than one of us want to do the same block, do we bare knuckle brawl and see who wins?

If you want you can, or you can walk over to the library copiers and make copies.  There’s no reason the same block can’t be made by more than one person, in fact it would be great to see different interpretations of the same block.

6. What is the due date, and what do I need to bring with it?

At the July 12th meeting, please bring the picture of your chosen block and your finished placemat.  We will show them off together.

Important: Make sure there is a label on your placemat.  If you need a label, they are always available at the meetings, or again, contact me via the guild email and she can snail mail you a few.

If you can’t make the meeting and want to still show off your placemat you have a number of choices. Don’t you love choices? They are:

a. Bring it to June’s meeting

b. Bring it to August’s meeting

c. Contact me to arrange my bringing it to the July meeting.

7. Are there prizes?

Of Course There Are Prizes!!!!!  I love giving out prizes.  I haven’t decided on what or how many yet.  It will depend on how many participants we have.

8. Can I make more than one?

Yuppers! Make as many as you want!  They will all be appreciated and loved.

9. I have a question that isn’t in this list, what do I do?

Contact me, Lissa, at the Guild email. I’ll let you know what’s what.

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