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May 2018 Meeting Minutes

Cassandra opened the meeting with introductions: Attendees shared their name, Instagram handle, and a favorite sewing area organizational tip.

A majority vote passed and so the Guild will participate in the 2019 QuiltCon Charity Quilt. Due in January ’19. Andrea volunteered to lead the project. Everyone to start thinking of design entries. Committee(s) to form later.

Cassandra presented the Placemat Challenge. Attendees took a printed block image, and anyone interested that did not get a print should contact Lissa. More details on the challenge are in the blog, here.

Ashley reminded us of the Handwork Happy hour next Thursday on May 17th. There is a Guild Family Picnic July 15th. More information for both social events are on the calendar, here.

Bee participants turned in their blue on white Wanta Fanta blocks for Donna. Marah introduced her Improv Log Cabin block for June, more info here.

Meeting break and Garage Sale swap, first participants swapped and then any leftovers were offered to all attendees.

Cassandra began what will likely be an ongoing discussion of QuiltCon 2019 in Nashville, TN. The specific dates are February 21st to the 24th. Tonight she stressed the first few steps: make sure you can log in to the MQG website, then be sure to have all communication preferences checked so you get every email the MQG sends out; begin to secure lodging whether it be at an onsite hotel, or through Airbnb or VRBO in a local neighborhood. Consider parking, Uber, Lyft, etc. Plan to register early. Consider volunteering. We will go over more at the June Guild meeting.

Show and Tell

Meeting commenced 8:20PM

Meeting minutes by Kate 5/11/2018

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