November Meeting Minutes

November 8, 2018
Hilliard Branch of Columbus Metropolitan Library
BUSINESS MEETING – commenced at 6:38PM

22 in attendance

Introductions: Name, IG handle, ice breaker
* Welcome!
* Several guests are joining us tonight!

Officer Announcements/Updates on Current Projects/Introduction of New Projects
President (Cassandra):
* Reminder to sign up for QuiltCon if you may attend Quilt Con Reminder: It’s free for members prior to November 30th, make sure to register!

Vote on Bylaw amendment:
* By-Laws Amendment:
Nominating committee changes
Cassandra read the original language, and the proposed changes to the group
Dues paying members can only vote
Amendment has passed (19-1)

Vice President: Programming Updates (Nadia):

* Libs Elliot update- more details to come first of the year
* Retreat is already on the books for last weekend in September
Zoar, OH
Retreat is full
Waitlist contains 5 people

Bee Sign-ups for 2019 (Cassandra):
* Cassandra gave instructions on what a bee is and how you can participate
* Contact Cassandra if you’d like to join the bee for 2019

Treasurer: Budget Update:
no update was provided

Technology/Social Media Chair (Kate):
* Upcoming IG Takeovers
November 19: Erin
November 26: Cynthia
* Next Member Spotlight: Cynthia
*Anyone that did not participate in 2018 will be able to in 2019

Fund Raising Chair (Kelsey):
* Raffle quilt has brought in $1,606 + additional in-person sales

Charity Chair (Cassandra and Ashley gave updates):
* Social/Charity sew in on Saturday, November 10th
* 1:30PM is Inter-Guild Swap. Please bring your swap item and meet your swap partner.
* 3:30PM – Meals on Wheels placemat challenge sponsored by Aurifil Thread.
Jelly Roll Race placemat challenge
* Door prizes from Aurifil, too
* Snacks and water provided, please feel free to bring something to share if you like.
* Swap Quilts due by Saturday
* A little more sewing needed for charity quilt, please help with that Saturday

QuiltCon Charity Quilt Update (Marah):
* Core section of the quilt is together, needs more sewing this Saturday
* Should be quick
* Need help finishing
Quilting (machine and hand quilting), binding, labeling, sleeve, label cover
Erin volunteered for label
* Due to QuiltCon end of January/beginning of February

Social/Membership Chair (Ashley):
* $10-$15 gift swap
Yankee swap (no previous pulls of names)
Handmade, quilting-related, or bought item
* Sign up for December potluck

* December meeting will be at Old Worthington Library

Announcements and New Business from the Membership:
* Judy shared Inspiring-U information (creative place to gather and sew)

Bee Blocks:
* Handed in current blocks
* Introduction of next month’s block
Bridgette shared her raspberry kiss blocks (red or teal center, with a low volume background)

* Erin described the process of voting
*Voting results for 2019 officers are: Ashley Davis, President; Nadia Barksdale, Vice President; Christine Griswold, Treasurer; Kate Schwartz, Social Media; Barb Kelly, Secretary; Kelsey Danley & Marah Light, Fundraising co-chairs; Lissa LaGreca, Charity; Randa Johnson & Cynthia Hayes, Membership co-chairs.

Activity – Reusable Food Wraps

* Cassandra shared the resuable beeswax food wraps
* Members created their own food wraps to take home



2 slots remain for Bee (September and October), please consider signing up

Meeting adjourned 8:05PM

Minutes by Ashley

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