December Meeting Minutes

Special Events Update – Nadia

* COMQG is bringing Libs Elliott to Columbus in April 2019
* Libs will give a lecture/trunk show on April 11 and a workshop on April 13
* The guild voted unanimously to pay for space at the Columbus Museum of Art for the lecture
* Lecture will be free to COMQG members
* Still need to discuss the price (if any) for tickets to the public

Nadia is going to make sure the event gets a lot of promotion and advertising. In addition to informing local guilds and quilt shops it was recommended we include CCAD students. If you think of anywhere else promotion should be focused, be sure to contact Nadia.

Charity – Lissa

* Mark your calendars for January 26, 2019 – we’ll have another fun sew in as we join the Columbus Metropolitan Quilters
* This year’s charity will continue to be Meals on Wheels since our placemats were so well received by the organization and their elderly clients.

Bee – Barb

* There’s still one opening for the 2019 Bee. It’s the month of September – what a great month to have everyone make blocks that you can turn into an awesome holiday gift. If you’re interested, email Barb.
* January Queen Bee is Marah – She handed out information on her tree block which will be due at the January 10 meeting. And of course you can also find all the info HERE.
* February Queen Bee is Brigette – So Brigette, think about the block you want the hive to make and send instructions or a link to Kate before the January meeting.

Fundraising – Marah and Kelsey

* Great prize ideas for 2019: there will be three prizes with a grand prize of a COMQG designed and stitched quilt.
* Information on the design challenge was distributed at the meeting and for your reading pleasure it’s also found on the COMQG website (thanks, Kate!).
* Some important points about the design challenge:
All entries are anonymous;
Entries are due at the January 10 meeting when they’ll be voted on;
Every entrant gets a goody bag and the winner gets a $50 gift card to the quilt shop of their choice (Woo hoo!!);
All that’s required for submission is a sketch – nothing fancy if you don’t want to, and last but not least;
You don’t have to figure out the math for the size of pieces, blocks, etc. (Did I hear a big sigh of relief for that tidbit??!)

As John Heywood said, “Many hands make light work.” So if you’d like to help the Fundraising Committee, let Marah or Kelsey know. They’re sure to appreciate the help.

Once the business meeting was over, we exchanged gifts and learned how to make cute pom-poms, amazing fabric tape, and darling fabric gift tags. Special thanks to Ashley, Nadia, and Kate for hosting those sample stations for the make and take.

minutes by Barbara Kelly

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