May 2020 Sew Organized

When it comes to organizing your patterns, books, and references take a moment to reflect on how you tend to utilize these tools. If you frequently browse for inspiration it may be more important to you to place them in an area easily accessed. If you typically don’t reference your patterns and books very much, consider storing them in a less convenient area such as on a high shelf or in a box. Take a critical eye to what you are most frequently using if your workspace is small. Your primary workspace should have flexibility to house multiple tasks. Anything you don’t actively use while sewing should have a designated home elsewhere. Books and magazines can be a big offender!

While you are going through your books vet through the ones you are no longer using. These could be re-sold, gifted, or donated, possibly donated to a library.

Speaking of libraries! What an amazing resource that we tend to take for granted. If your space is feeling tight borrowing books from the library may be a better option than purchasing. You can always decide later to buy for yourself!

You can also check your local library for digital loans, many do. It’s lovely to pull up an e-book or set of instructions on a computer or tablet right in your sewing room.

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