May 2020 Meeting Minutes

May Meeting Minutes May 14, 2020

President Marah Light called the virtual meeting to order at 6:30pm.

1. Sherri Lynn Wood Workshop update

Sherri Lynn Wood will be greatly reducing in-person events since her digital business is gaining traction. Our guild has voted to host a virtual workshop. This means the Guild will no longer pay the cost ($950) of hosting our in-person workshop. However members will be given early access to sign up for our virtual workshop at a 10% discount. The cost will be around $50-60 a person. Cynthia has sat in on one of these virtual workshops and can vouch for the video quality and ease of learning in this format. She has also said that these workshops sell out quite quickly so once we nail down a date (proposed to be Aug 1) it will be important to sign up once registration is confirmed.

We voted to postpone our lecture to 2021 at a cost of $700 (same cost as what we were going to book for 2020). As Sherri Lynn has greatly reduced in-person events this may be an amazing opportunity to host a lecture with her. She is only offering this option to our guild as we are so close to her hometown and because we had booked with her prior to the Coronavirus closures.

2. Virtual Happy Hour

A virtual Happy Hour is scheduled for Thursday May 18, 5-7 pm. Theme is paper piecing. We will be kicking off with a demo Kristen has made for us on you tube. Thank you Kristen.

3. June virtual meeting will be June 11, 2020. Show and tell will be our State Fair Entries. Entries are due June 20. Details regarding the entry process will be discussed at the June meeting.


Patty Merrick, secretary

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