June 2020 Sew Organized


Is your stockpile of thread overabundant? Full of colors you don’t know when you’ll use?

Let’s first talk about how we purchase our thread. I know I sound like a broken record over here, but our shopping habits are the number one thing that affects our stash size! The more willpower we exercise in the shops, the less spontaneous items come home with us. And I am not advocating abstinence! I love a good bit of impulsivity – that is how I’ve come to own some of my favorite things! However, it is also how I’ve ended up with loads of things I am no longer enthusiastic about and have a bit of buyer’s remorse over.

There are a few ways to keep your thread organized and tidy. If you like to buy thread in bulk, stick to color families you’re prone to using or neutrals. White, cream, mid-gray, navy, and black are always good to have a few extra spools of. 

There are loads of ways to store your thread. Antique shops can be a fantastic place to find some real gems. Small wooden drawers, thread racks, and shadow boxes can be unique additions to your storage options. Peg boards can be a fantastic option as well, and allow you to store your spool and bobbin together.

You can also make your own peg board with nails and a piece of wood. 

The main goal of thread storage is to keep threads from unspooling and getting tangled. If you do keep your thread in drawers or boxes take a moment to tack the end of your thread down on the edge of your spool before putting it away.

Use #seworganized2020 to share your thread storage with us!

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