guild business

Meeting Minutes

September 10, 2020 Virtual meeting minutes

Virtual meeting on Zoom called to order at 6:45PM

1.  President asked for members to volunteer for nominating committee for 2021.
2.  Social Justice survey and lecture workshop (we make a donation) in process.
3.  Temperature Quilt:  Needs co-chair.  Theme:  Temperatures in 2015 (low was -10, high was 92).
4.  Sherry Lynn Wood Workshop “Patchwork Doodle” scheduled for October 10 virtual workshop.  Watch for details and signup instructions.

August 13, 2020 Virtual meeting minutes

  1. IG handles will be collected and distributed 
  2. Rachel Wallis gave a presentation on her quilt “Unraveling Empire”
  3. Temperature Quilt- we’ll work on this as a group. Doesn’t need to be completed till Nov. 2022- Charity Quilt design was shared. Looking for 7 volunteers help improv the background.
  4. SJSA – Social Justice Sewing Academy gives workshops and lectures. Marah will send a survey to see if we’d like to host them.
  5. Sherri Lynn Wood will be Saturday October 10, 2020.

July 2020 Virtual meeting minutes

1. 2021 Charity Quilt: Becky Campbell has volunteered to chair the Charity Quilt Committee. The theme is Curves. Members broke into virtual groups and came up with a few examples. If you have some ideas and would like to share them please get them to Marah as soon as possible. Plan is to decide on a few contenders/choices and ask members to vote on the one they like best and select a winner.

2. State Fair Digital Show: We will be creating a digital quilt show for this years state fair in lieu of the in person event. To submit an entry you will include 1-5 photos of your quilts your name, quilt title, and a short description (200 words or less). All entries are due to Marah by Sunday, July 26th at 12 pm.

Marah announced an exciting opportunity for members to take photos of their quilt/s with a professional photographer. There will be a cost for the photo shoot and details will be shared with members in a few days. Marah will be sending out a survey to members regarding how to reserve a time slot and the cost of the shoot.

3. Sherri Lynn Wood: Regretfully, the August 1st virtual workshop is being rescheduled. Stay tuned for an update!

4. Temperature Quilt: A volunteer is needed to chair the production of this quilt. If you are interested, please email Marah.

June 2020 Virtual meeting minutes

1. State Fair- Digital Show: The State Fair has been cancelled for 2020. Guild has been asked if interested in a digital quilt show. Discussion focused on asking members to submit pictures of quilts they would like to share and ideas of how the guild might be able to put together a digital program to promote modern quilting to the public and virtual State Fair guests. Contact Marah if you want to participate or have ideas.

2. Charity Quilt 2021: The theme for Quilt Con Charity quilt 2021 is “curves”. If you have ideas or want to participate let Marah know.

3. Temperature Quilt for Quilt Con 2022: A temperature quilt, defined is a 365 block quilt where each block has a low and high temperature represented. Lots of examples on line. We need ideas on how we can represent the guild with a unique design. Please give it some thought and if you are interested in leading this project or have some ideas, let Marah know.

4. Sherry Lynn Wood lecture/workshop: COVID-19 is leading to a lot of changes for us and for Sherry Lynn Wood. Stay tuned as we work through this together with her to bring a presentation to our guild in the future.

The July meeting will be a virtual meeting on Zoom on July 12, 2020.