March 2021 Meeting Minutes

David Shattuck gave us a Slack demonstration:

  • Direct message – convo between you and another person. It’s one of the main tabs. Click the “+” and people on the site will list. Nice feature is that you can include any # of people in the convo. Just follow the same steps to add more people to the convo. If you click the triangle by the “Direct Messages”, it’ll show your history.
  • Channels – chat room dedicated to a specific topic.Click on the triangle next to Channels and you’ll see a list of the channels. Join by clicking on one. Administrators will add channels.
  • Tagging is the ability to specifically notify someone. Use the @ symbol before their name in the message and they’ll be notified
  • You can have built in phone calls from direct messages and channel. See Call button in top right corner. It can be a video call or audio. The call can be between multiple people.
  • Emojis – mouse over the message and there will be emojis to choose from on the right- hand side.
  • When a lot of people are on a message and there’s a lot of convo, it’ll indent under the initial message. It builds a thread of the convo.
  • To add photos you click the paper clip icon. Paste from the clipboard or upload from your computer.
  • To tag a channel, use the # sign

Other Business:

  • Sew In on Saturday, March 13. 10 AM – 2 PM
  • Canceling the Temperature Quilt
  • Patty – they asked for an update on the 2 color quilt project.
  • MQG roster has been updated with our membership
  • Instructions for the Charity backpacks can be found on our quild’s website
  • Becky asked if we’d like to contribute some supplies to the SJSA.  Maybe some glue for their projects. Let’s talk about it next time. 

Meeting led by Linda

Minutes taken by Barb

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