February 2021 Meeting Minutes

President Marah Light called the meeting to order at 6:31 pm.
She welcomed our guest speaker, Sara Trail, from Social Justice Sewing Academy
(SJSA), who presented art quilt blocks made by young children and teens to express
their individual thoughts and ideas. Sara and her organization teach the students,
without charge, how to design, embroider, using self expression and personal
experiences to create the art block. Volunteers, including quilters and quilt guilds,
offer the time to help complete the blocks with finishing touches and quilting and
create a banner or a quilt for designated persons /families who have suffered a loss
of a loved one through social injustice. Quilts are also often displayed in quilt shows,
libraries and museums across the United States. Marah will post the connecting
information if guild members want to participate in the project.

Business Meeting:

  1. Reminder: Sew-in is this Saturday, 10-2 on Zoom. Marah will send the link.
  2. Slack account: Please go ahead and register. Guild will fully implement the
    site when the new roster is complete. Slack is a connection site for sharing
    between guild members.
  3. Reminder: Dues are due and can be payed using Pay-Pal or by contacting
    Linda Miller if you are having difficulty using the Pay-Pal account.
    A Zoom presentation of quilt projects by members completed the evening.
    Next meeting will be Zoom meeting, Thursday March 11 at 6:30PM.
    Patty Merrick, secretary

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