May 2, 2021 Board Meeting Minutes

Central Ohio Quilt Guild

May 2, 2021 Board Meeting Minutes

The Board met at 10am on May 2 via Zoom.

In-person vs online meetings:  When do we return to in-person meetings, and how do we set guidelines for safety for all members?  Both indoor and outdoor ideas will be explored. Board would like to present this to members through a survey.

Speakers for 2021:  Board would like to bring in virtual speakers for upcoming meetings.  Survey will include what members are interested in, and what speakers we might approach for a presentation. 

Two-color quilt:  Some confusion on what the members are working on and what the timeline should be.  An update of the project will be presented to the members prior to (via social media) and at the May meeting.

We need a Charity Chair.  We have some bags and unfinished bags directed for the Camp Kasem project, but it is unclear if the organization needs the bags we have available.  The organization will be contacted to guide completion of this project.

Guild Retreat:  Do we try to schedule an overnight retreat, still with some Covid concerns or do we schedule a single day retreat for our members?  Both options will be pursued and will be included in the guild survey.

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