Central Ohio MQG October 2022 Minutes

The meeting was called to order by President Barb Kelly at 6:30pm at the Ohio Craft
Barb Kelly presented the icebreaker.
Barb announced that the guild would be following a policy for sharing other peoples
work other than your own. If a quilt is shown, permission from the creator/owner
is required.
Barb asked for volunteers for a nominating committee for 2023 officers. Cynthia
Hayes, Nicole, and Barb volunteered.

The current cost for the Ohio Craft Museum for our meetings is $45.
Alternative sites for 2023 were discussed which include returning to libraries and
the possibility of going to Sew to Speak since they volunteered to have us. Barb will
check into this further and report back to the guild.
Shop Hop to Cincinnati was a great success and enjoyed by all. One of the locations
also offered a retreat space close by. Members are encouraged to send an email to
the guild for ideas on future retreats.
The November 10th meeting will feature a member quilting project: fabric star. Lissa will
be sending instructions to members via email for those who wish to participate.
The December meeting will be a party at Seventh Son Brewing Co. where we will have space for our
meeting (no cost because we are a non-profit). Members would use the Food Truck for food
purchases. Every single beer or alcohol purchase will result in $1.00 donated
to the guild! Non-alcoholic beverages available.
The December meeting will have a gift exchange called Favorite Things. Each member is asked to bring 3
notions, each valued between $10-$15 (no higher please). Further instructions
regarding the exchange will be sent to members via email.

January will feature our local MQG rep Heather Kinion.
Prior to COVID, the guild had contracted with Sherry Lynn Wood for a presentation
and workshop. A retainer of $200 was paid by the guild. After some discussion, the
guild will cancel the event and will request a refund.

During our search for speakers for the March ’23 Event, Nancy Crowe could not attend
but offered to have the guild come to her “barn” for a tour and visit. We are
planning to explore this activity for Spring 2023.

Upcoming dates
October 15- Community Project Sew-in (Karl Road Library) 9am to 430pm
November 12- Holiday Sew-in, catch up on your own projects (Karl Road library)
Treasurers Report
$2700 in account
$765 from Raffle
$127 from Destash on the Lawn
Fundraising and Social Media Reports
Raffle tickets are available for paper and online purchase. Members were
encouraged to sell $100 each. Members were also encouraged to share posts for the raffle on their Facebook, Instagram and/or Pinterest pages, and distribute to postcards as they can.
Preparations are ongoing for the March 18 2023 event at the Franklin Park Conservatory
Tickets will be sold online at Eventbrite, $80 each. Goal to offer tickets for purchase
is November 1 if at all possible. We would like to get the tickets available for
Christmas giving.
Cassandra and Erica presented proposed changes to update the bylaws. A draft of
the proposed changes will be sent to all members. Members are encouraged to
review these closely and bring any comments or concerns to the November meeting.

The meeting concluded with a fun post card exchange. There was a drawing of one gift
card for each group participating.

Next Meeting: November 10 at The Ohio Craft Museum

Respectfully submitted,
Patty Merrick

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