Year of Organization – February Challenge

Envisioning your ideal space….

Before we truly dig in to the organizing we are taking the month of February to consider what we want to get out of our organizing process. Is this truly just a tidy or could it also be an opportunity to create your ideal workspace? Maybe it’s not the right time to do a complete overhaul, but a few small tweaks could bring your space closer to the dream.

So, how do you decide how to organize your space? 

Our sewing rooms are incredibly personal and in order to get the most out of your #seworganized journey we encourage bending the rules! Make each challenge your own. Take a deep dive into what your perfect space looks like. Really consider what aspects of the space are most important to you. Functionality, creativity, cleanliness, inspiration, colorful, peacefulness? Use that information as a scaffold in the re-imagination of your space. Then in the coming months, you can revisit your vision to inform those small, but impactful changes that make your space distinctly yours

In February we are challenging you to create a vision board with images, notes, and or drawings of your ideal space. The more specific your vision is, the easier it will be to pinpoint achievable changes you can make to your space!

Take a look through the main types of quilters below. Getting more in tune with the way you work will help you identify what you want to change in your space.

Quilter 1: The planner. Do you shop for the perfect fabric for each project anew and only buy what is required for the pattern? Do you like to buy all of your required fabrics down to the binding and quilt label at the outset of the project so everything matches? Do most of your fabrics have an intended purpose? Do you feel like you work best in a clean and organized space?

Quilter 2: The shopper. Do you find yourself waiting for the new fabric line out by your favorite designer? Do you frequent the local shops to have a look around and see what might be new? When you travel, do you like to purchase fat quarters to remember your visit? Do you find yourself falling in love with fabrics and bringing a little cut home so that later it can be exactly the piece you may need? Do you keep up with the latest posts on Instagram as a source to inspire new projects?

Quilter 3: The stash buster. Do you leaf through your stash and pull out fabrics perfect for your latest project? Do you work scrappy and start pulling without worrying about the required yardage? Do you sometimes sew fabrics together to create the 1 larger piece your pattern requires? Are your favorite quilts to make improv?

You likely resonate with more than 1 of the descriptions above. We will have tips for each quilter type that we hope will best aid or bring a new perspective to that type along their journey. However, most of the tips are applicable to everyone so feel free to browse through the tips for all 3 types.

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