March 2023 Meeting Minutes

The meeting was held inside of Sew to Speak in Worthington, Ohio. Called to order at 6:31 with 19 people present. A few others joined later on. Lots of new faces!

We began with an icebreaker that allowed new people to introduce themselves and get to know members. Last month’s icebreaker recipe cards were collected then redistributed.

Ohio State Fair Contact has been initiated with the Ohio State Fair office; more on that will be shared in the near future as information becomes available.

Linda reported the status of the treasury, which is healthy and it is forecasted that we will do better than breaking even (yay!) after the National Quilting Day event.

National Quilting Day Updates were provided by Patty and Kate. It is expected to be a great event!

QuiltCon Attendees that were at QuiltCon 2023 shared knowledge and insight gleaned from the convention. We watched a slideshow of members quilts, and members children’s quilts, that hung in the show. A show & tell was held to review work and/or skills built during classes & lectures; photos are on Instagram and Facebook.

COSI This May our guild will work with COSI and their annual science festival. A May 4th lecture will take place at CoHatch highlighting the science of color – more to be announced soon. May 6th we will lead a booth at the festival, possible by a generous COSI grant, allowing us to show families the science that goes into block making (think measurement & math, shapes, and color, for example). The plan is that the public will make blocks, we will collect blocks, then piece a top with them, and eventually return a completed quilt to COSI. More on all of this to come, primarily from Ricky, Lissa, and Cassandra.

We had a fabulous Show & Tell! Photos are on Instagram.

Next meeting is April 13th, at 6:30PM inside Sew to Speak.

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