Modern Quilt Bee

Information for our 2018 Modern Quilt Bee, below:

January – Nadia Barksdale @nadiashae hound’s-tooth block

February – Randa Johnson @mirandaltj Wanta Fanta block

March – Kayla Lindsey @pieceful_quilting Crossing Paths block

April – Cynthia Hayes @chayes7860 Irish chain block

May – Donna Essex @latinistra

June – Marah Light @marah_light Improv Log Cabin

July – Lissa LaGreca @lovinglylissa

August – Sonia Cipiti nielsencipiti Magazine Rack block

September – Ashley Davis @canteloupecuties Popsicle block

October – Cheri Mansperger @dragonmom03 X and Plus block

November – Erin Gillogly @littlewitknits Polaroid blocks

December – Brigette Wootton @quiltingonpoint Raspberry Kiss block


Information for our 2017 Modern Quilt Bee, below:

January – Heather Burger @hkburger

February – DeAnne Miller @oneprojectafteranother

March – Betsy Truex-Powell @bsewknitty

April – Cynthia Hayes @chayes7860 (all instructions and templates handed out in meeting)

May – Gretchen Barker @attybarker

June – Nadia Barksdale @nadiashae

July – Cheri Mansperger @dragonmom03

August – Cassandra Beaver @cassandra.beaver

September – Sherry Inskeep @feelnit30

October – Ashley Davis @cantaloupecuties

November – Judy O’Shaugnessy @oshaugh432

December – Linh Schilling @callingallstitchers